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Being Human – even while the world goes digital

I’m getting ready to publish the third of a series of three books. Talking with a dear friend and colleague, I found myself pondering what role these books might play in the world. The content is not that unique. The ideas and concepts have all been written about elsewhere, albeit without ‘my spin’ on them. So why create and publish them? I’m not into pursuing (or paying for) a huge marketing campaign to get the books out there. What, asked my friend, was my intention with these books? It was a good question. And she answered it for me: reminding me that my books are a perfect complement to the virtual word of digital communication we find ourselves in. We bemoan the constant video calls and the lack of in-person connection with our friends, family and colleagues. So all the more need for simple, easy to use, practical daily prompts, tips and practices to hone our conversation and connection skills and make those zoom moments more personal, caring, curious and connected. YES – these are all themes in my books and several of my clients have told me they’ve turned to these useful pages for a quick prompt, reminder or insight to created meaningful connections and conversations. YES – that’s why my books are beautifully designed, not as heavy tomes to be read cover to cover, but as table/desk-top references that you can pick up for insight and inspiration to move you through those sticky, tired, zoomed-out moments and bring your conversations alive again.

Your Turn: What are you noticing about conversations in your virtual world? What tires you out? What peps you up? What stirs your curiosity? What brings you alive? What’s the best moment of conversation you’ve had throughout these times? #livefully #leadboldly

Our conversation is quality time you likely don’t get anywhere else. It’s for you to reflect, re-energise and refocus. It’s for you to challenge yourself and shift what’s not working for you. To move forward and create life on your terms. It’s a conversation where you uncover your next steps — small starts or exciting leaps — towards the future you truly want. You get unstuck. You find freedom. It starts with questions and listening. It turns to action. You live and lead inspired.