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Now Listen

21 Habits to Better Listen to Yourself, Each Other, and the World

I have read many books regarding communication skills and listening. Now Listen may be the most practical approach to enhancing listening skills that I have ever read. Although intended as a business book for those in leadership positions, this book is destined to appeal to a much broader audience. I highly recommend it for those working in healthcare, for coaches and counsellors, and for couples, families and friends. The listening tips are universally applicable to anyone who wants to enhance their ability to listen both inward and outward. The spiritual and personal nature of the read, based on the author’s personal journey, grounds this work in an extraordinary way. Now Listen is so much more than a business book. (Betty Healey, The Roadsigns Coach) .

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The Conversation Edge

49 Practices for Creating Better Conversations in Life and Leadership

The Conversation Edge is a wonderful reminder that conversation is an art and a practice; something to be embraced rather than taken for granted; a space for meaningful human interaction. Offering a series of practices under the headings of Connecting, Caring, Curiosity, Clarity and Completion, this book is a vital toolkit for leaders and coaches. The design invites the reader to focus on aspects of conversation which can be developed with ease and simplicity. As a practical tool, The Conversation Edge is an important reminder that conversation, with the words and approach you choose, connects people.

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Asking Great Questions

An Essential Companion for Every Leader

This book contains over 1500 provocative statements and related questions to inspire you to step into leadership conversations. It will kick start conversation with your team, or in one-to-one conversations. The questions are also designed for self-reflection as a leader (perhaps it’s most powerful purpose). Arranged under alphabetical topics, you can flick through this book and quickly find a question that relates to whatever situation you find yourself in. A question that will make your think and invite you to look at your situation from a different perspective. An recommended every-day resource for leaders everywhere – especially those building conversation cultures in their company.

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A Coaching Story to Inspire Your Future

VOICES is a coaching book on how the right questions illuminate choices, possibilities and pathways that you may not otherwise pay attention to in your life and work. Written as a series of connected stories, interwoven with perspectives on the future of business and leadership, one of the stories may mirror a crossroads or decision point on your own path, or one of the questions may call to be explored and answered in your own life. Simply and elegantly written, VOICES reflects the author’s twenty years as an exceptional master-level coach and invites you to hear the unspoken questions which will open up your future.

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Our conversation is quality time you likely don’t get anywhere else. It’s for you to reflect, re-energise and refocus. It’s for you to challenge yourself and shift what’s not working for you. To move forward and create life on your terms. It’s a conversation where you uncover your next steps — small starts or exciting leaps — towards the future you truly want. You get unstuck. You find freedom. It starts with questions and listening. It turns to action. You live and lead inspired.