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What is the real meaning of leadership?

To me, coaching and leadership are a form of questing: going in search of the future life, work, relationships, goals, possibilities and success you truly want for yourself, your business and your family.
The original root of both words – coach and leader – means to step forward, to go forth and to travel into the future. In essence, to go on a quest, often into the unknown, to discover more of who you are and who you might become in this world.
I’m known for asking the questions that support you on your quest. I hear the possibilities in you. Our conversations inspire you to discover the small steps and the exciting leaps to bring your future into being.
So I quote: if you “still haven’t found what you’re looking for” you can start your quest in conversation with me
Our conversation is quality time you likely don’t get anywhere else. It’s for you to reflect, re-energise and refocus. It’s for you to challenge yourself and shift what’s not working for you. To move forward and create life on your terms. It’s a conversation where you uncover your next steps — small starts or exciting leaps — towards the future you truly want. You get unstuck. You find freedom. It starts with questions and listening. It turns to action. You live and lead inspired.