This is the first of two podcasts I’ve been invited to recently. It’s a new experience for me to be interviewed and I believe these invitations are coming through people who connect with and discover my book Asking Great Questions. I love that this little book continues to trickle out into the world. On this one my voice sounds a bit screechy at the start until I settle into the conversation with Max (who is high energy) — we had some technical challenges getting it to work and I was a bit stressed by the time we got it started. Hopefully it’s still worth listening to though. Let me know what you think. https://maxweigand.com/mental-mastery-podcast/


February 11th to 16th 2018 will see Gary and me back in Alberta ready to welcome another group of inspiring leaders to our transformative retreat week “the Deeper Conversations of Life and Leadership” for what has now become an annual event for us. Since its inception in 2001 we have invited hundreds of leaders from around the globe in group of twelve at at time, to create a very special learning space which invites deeper conversation, new perspectives and inspired insights for how we might lead into the future. It’s also a time of relaxing, taking stock and leaving re-energised to make a difference in your life and work. Here’s what Peter, who came along last year, said about his experience:

“ I really wish that I had done this “radical sabbatical” 10 years earlier, in order to have longer to extract the benefit from this transformational experience. I left the week with a clearer head, sharper hearing and a vision open to all sorts off possibilities. Four months on this sense still prevails. Aileen and Gary facilitated the session masterfully amongst nine strangers at the beginning to a deeper sense of understanding between us all and about ourselves at the end.”
So don’t leave it too late to make a real difference in your life and leadership.

We’ll see you there!




My book ASKING GREAT QUESTIONS was published in September 2017 and is jogging along quite nicely on Amazon.com  It’s sold over 50 copies during October so thank you everyone for finding it. I’m particularly proud that one client, who didn’t know anything about the book or what I intended for it, bought it and sent me this note:

” I’ve browsed all the way through, and gone back, and flipped through it several times. I’m keeping it on my desk. I’ve used your questions intentionally maybe 5 times already, with my team as well as family. I think many of us are genuinely interested in others and want to have a meaningful conversation in a safe context, going beyond the usual, how are you, and what do you think. We need the tools to do it, to step beyond our comfort zone and the usual words. I love the question, what have you learned recently? A good one to ask oneself, also. Your book is a great conversation starter, but more than that, it starts great conversations! I can hear your unique voice in it, coaching through the pages. So very well done, Aileen, good job! “

And I ‘ve had some clients buy multiple copies for their teams. If you’d like more than one copy to spread around your organisation or to share with friends, please email me and I’ll give you a discount code.

Meantime, you’ll find me at least once a day, clicking into my account on Amazon’s self-publishing platform, Createspace, to check how sales are doing. I’m so proud that this book is out doing it’s work in the world.


the new DC – inspiring the DEEPER CONVERSATIONS of life and leadership – join us in Banff, Alberta, 2-7 April 2017 – for insights, growth and to take your place more fully in the world – read more and apply here


I’m super excited to post this teaser for my upcoming new book – Asking Great Questions: an essential compendium for every leader. It should be published in Spring sometime.The photo on the left is the anticipated book cover, though we might make some final tweaks to it yet. If you are interested to know more prior to publication, do email me. I’ll share a sample of the book content with you in return for a book review. I’d love your perspectives on it.


             Voices: A coaching story to inspire your future, by Aileen Gibb 

January 2016: special promotion on the E-Book of VOICES: a coaching story to inspire your future.



Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 2.21.59 PM Aileen at TEDx in Canmore on 29th January 2016. You can watch the video here .