My Partners

Gary_at_RetreatGARY DIGGINS is a Coach, Facilitator and Soundworker who has worked for decades as a musician. His talents now call people to deeper connection in circle. I met Gary in 2002 and we have enjoyed many inspiring opportunities to combine our talents in pursuit of breakthough learning for individuals, teams and organisations worldwide. Gary uses Soundwork as a way to invite deep listening and group wisdom into the room and something profound happens when he gathers people in an interactive space. Gary creates circle conversations which crackle with intention, imagination and interaction, where people resolve differences, craft fresh ideas, deeply nourish solutions and find a collective context for shifting from problem to possibility. Gary’s work is sometimes poetic and verbal, sometimes instrumental, yet always soulful. Beyond our partnership, Gary’s humanitarian energies take form through  and his educational focus emerges through courses taught at Toronto SoundSource.


jennifer photo2JENNIFER GOLDING ANDERSON is an exceptionally gifted coach, facilitator and teacher of yoga and meditation. Jennifer has a rootsy, pioneering edge which gave her the courage to leave the high-pressure world of pharmaceutical sales and dedicate herself to bringing ancient yogic teachings into the modern world. She blends a unique approach to bodywork, with powerful coaching questions, so that her clients relax, quiet their minds and listen to understand from inside. Her work is both subtle and edgy, listening to what clients need on many levels and adjusting the practice to suit each person’s needs. Jennifer believes in the power of rest and, through restorative movement and breath work, she equips even the most stressed or burnt-out executives to adopt stillness and mindful practices which they can use daily to create happier, healthier and more successful lives at home and at work. When working together, Jennifer and I are constantly inspired to explore the connections between yoga teaching and the layers of meaningful conversation which transform at a personal and collective level and how our intuition leads us along similar paths in support of our clients’ success. You can learn more about Jennifer and register for her classes at .