New Book, New Year, New Decade, New Inspiration

My new book The Conversation Edge is just about to be published. It’s taken several years in production. Not because it needed that amount of time. Only because of how I worked (or didn’t work) with it over that time. Anyway, it’s here now and very soon you’ll be seeing a series of posts about it coming into the world.

In reviewing the journey to this book, I’ve also come to realise that this new year – and indeed this new decade – invites me to step over a new edge too. I’m taking the time to rebrand, re-focus and re-inspire my work and the overall message is one of deep simplification.

By deep simplification I mean a slowing down into what is really meaningful for me. And to simplify my focus into quiet presence rather than the continual distraction of so much noise in the world. There’s so much noise and whilst I’m continually tempted to follow it, I realise that it continually distracts me from just settling into my own work and focusing on what truly inspires me.

So watch this space – Aileen Gibb Inspires – as I work into, clarify and work selectively on my legacy work in the world.

p.s. I already have the idea too for my next book, which hopefully will not take another four years to emerge.

A new book, a new year, a new decade, new conversations and deep inspiration.


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Aileen Gibb
My work has taken me around the globe and to conversations with people from many different nationalities, cultures and organisations. Wherever I've gone, the power of real conversation, founded on intentional listening and enlightened questioning, has been welcomed. It’s a core piece of our humanity to create the space for conversations that matter and to build connection and meaning with members of our family, our business and our communities.