Inspired to Work with Me?


I love to explore and inspire real, whole-person leadership: leadership which looks to the future and to what is possible, in order to meet the emerging needs of individuals, organisations and society as a whole. I believe everything starts with you as an individual: that inspiring the world takes place one person at a time. We work first on your world and create what you truly want to achieve. Then we look at how you will impact the world around you.


If this is YOUR year to Dream Big, Live Fully and Lead Boldly, here’s how to make it happen:


  • If you’re ready to work intensively, make sure you grab one of the six places I have for one to one private coaching clients this coming year. I’ll coach you every 2-3 weeks for a minimum of six months and you’ll exceed your own expectations as your dreams become reality. Fees start at $15k and represent your commitment to moving beyond your current level of success and to building the brilliant life you aspire to.


  • If you have a very specific goal, dream or ambition that you can’t wait any longer to bring to fruition, you’re invited to join one of my virtual coaching groups  where you’ll be coached by me, while being supported by and learning with other group members as you work towards your visions together. We’ll meet virtually every week for 10 weeks, for a two hour coaching call and you’ll have access to me by email between sessions. Provocative, playful and powerful, and with a maximum of 5 participants, these groups offer a price-sensitive option of $5,000, if you’re not ready to commit to the intensive level of work we’d do in a one-to-one private coaching arrangement. My next series is on the theme of “You are Enough” where we’ll look  at that part of you that holds back because it thinks your not enough and shift into working from your true greatness to achieve your dreams and goals. High energy, fun and inspiring – I hope to meet you there. 


  • OR if you want the best of both approaches and are at a key transition point in your life or work, let’s commit to a Personal Coaching Intensive day where we tackle your biggest desires and challenges and create breakthrough steps for you to achieve success. We’ll design a one day program, for which the fee is $6,000 per day, to meet your needs and will combine walks in nature, wellness treatments and good food with powerful and transformational conversation. Next dates for Personal Intensives are available in Canmore during January, February or March 2018 and in Scotland during April, May or June 2018 


  • If you consider yourself to be a leader (in any walk of life) who wants to make a purposeful difference by creating new-style, people-inspired, work or social environments, I recommend you join our one week, sabbatical-style intensive on the Deeper Conversations for Life and Leadership (Destination Coach) which, combined with follow-up coaching, equips you to transform your personal definition of success and prepares you to create the type of  business, organisation, community and even family, your future requires of you. We take a whole-person approach and equip you with the conversation tools and techniques that professional coaches use to lead people to success. You’ll integrate these simple, yet profound, techniques into your own work and lifestyle. You’ll leave renewed, re-energised and refocused on creating a purposeful business, as well as a meaningful and inspired life. Read more and apply here.


  • And if you are the one creative, committed and highly inspiring coach or leader, whom I might mentor this year,  I would love to share my work with you and equip you to raise your game as an inspirational force in your field. This unique position is by interview and personal selection only. Fees on application. 


Remind yourself what others have experienced from working with me and call or email me to set up a conversation to experience my approach and to identify how we might go forward together. 



yoga-of-conversation-JenniferWherever you are at in your life, working with and being inspired by Aileen is a game changer.

I met Aileen Gibb in 2009 and I knew I had stumbled onto something unique when I fell in love with her idea of ‘pure coaching’.

Aileen is a masterly coach and magical facilitator. I have watched the lives of many individuals transform over the course of the five day Destination Coach transformational process that she orchestrates. It is an incredibly powerful process fuelled by the art of asking great questions.

Destination Coach attracts leaders from all over the world and the most consistent feedback is that they wish they had cultivated the skill of masterly conversations earlier in their careers. They leave surprised at how this one week not only enhances their professional lives but has a profound effect on their personal lives and relationships as well.

This is the magic of pure coaching and it’s transferable to every area of your life. As a leadership practice it works to reclaim real human connection through meaningful conversations. This is leadership in action. When we all live from a sense of personal and authentic purpose, we contribute our highest calling back into our relationships, families, communities and businesses.

You may already be operating from a strong place of leadership in your life, you may be moving through a transitional period or you may simply be curious to learn this body of work.  This week long process helps you step into courageous space to bring your outstanding project or dream to life and gives you a gentle nudge out of your comfort zone to get you on track with refreshed and renewed energy in your life and leadership.  (Jennifer Anderson, 2014)