My Story



Here are some highlights from my story so far. I hope you’ll be part of writing future chapters with me. 

I work to bring out the best in leaders. Not only those with the formal title of leader – but everyone I believe has a leadership voice sitting inside them waiting to be heard.  For almost two decades now, companies around the globe have trusted me to uncover solutions to personal and business challenges and to inspire transformational growth in their teams, creating value-added results. If you need a wider perspective on leadership, ideas to ignite your own dreams, or options to inspire your team and business to greater performance, I’ll share my years of wisdom, experience and success from my many inspiring learning adventures around the globe.

I have trained Middle Managers in Kazakhstan as coaches; have facilitated multi-national workshops for teams in South America and the Middle East and I regularly worked with global corporations as well as entrepreneurial start-ups across Europe and North America, before moving to the Canadian Rocky Mountains to live my own dream. Participants in strategic leadership events I facilitated in companies like BP and Schlumberger, regularly rated them as amongst the best corporate meetings they’d ever experienced and, years later, continue to send me notes to say how influential those experiences were in their leadership journeys. It was witnessing the confidence and growth unleashed in a group of entrepreneurial business women in 1997, when I  had my own flash of inspiration that I had discovered my  life’s work: to inspire and bring out the best in leaders at all levels in business and life. I resigned from my consulting role the very next day and my company, Inspirational Coaching International, was born, very soon establishing a reputation for inspired leadership coaching and world-class facilitation of strategic learning events.

I love to experiment with new ways of working in business, inspiring people to create the best possible work experience for themselves, for their team members and for their clients. I’m not strong on control and process, but I am inspired by trust, initiative, creativity and meaningful conversation and relationships as a way to fulfil personal and business visions.

I believe profoundly in the untapped capability of people to reach beyond their known horizons and achieve more than they believe to be possible. My common mantra is “there’s always another way” and I coach people to ask the questions that open up new perspectives and to step into possibilities they hadn’t seen before working with me.  I fundamentally trust in what’s possible and bring an authentic, calm, funny and generous nature which make even the most testing of situations surmountable, and transforms apparently implausible dreams into reality, as evidenced by the amazing business results and life-changing adventures of my many coaching clients. I have coached company owners who sold their businesses in multi-million pound deals because they used the skills I taught them; I  have clients who moved across the world to take up jobs they didn’t think existed; I have inspired hardened career junkies to re-ignite their creative talents through music and art; and I have clients who brought themselves back from the brink of high-stress moments to regain a more balanced and fulfilling approach to life and work.

I took ownership of my own career path from day one. Beginning my professional career as a secretary in the HR department of the Weatherford Oil Services company in Aberdeen, Scotland, I studied for my professional HR qualification at night school. HR Manager roles followed, before I made the unconventional move into Technical Sales in the oil and gas business, where my capacity for building relationships paid off. One of my biggest adventures was a trip to an offshore oil platform in the late 80s:  a one-off experience that increased my credibility for giving it a go. My entrepreneurial spirit was fuelled when I spent three years as General Manager of a new business venture for a local Economic Development Company. This business would become the forerunner for my success in leadership coaching, given that it was one of the first high-street projects to offer adult guidance and coaching services in the UK at that time. I  didn’t know then that my path would take me to being:

  • a Master Masteries Coach with the International Association of Coaching
  • a Senior Certified Coach with the International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring
  • an Honorary Inspirational Coach with the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
  • a Certified Professional Facilitator with the International Association of Facilitators
  • a Fellow of the UK Institute of Personnel Development
  • a four times speaker at the World Business Executive Coaching Summit
  • interviewed on several on-line radio shows
  • a TEDx speaker
  • a best selling author with the publication my book, VOICES which I offer as an inspiration for people to claim the life they truly want to live, and as a challenge to leaders to build companies where profit and success come from putting people first.

My vision for the world of work has been influenced through collaboration with my inspirational work partner, sound therapist Gary Diggins, and my studies with Scottish Dream Psychologist Ian Wallace, whose Archegyral work I predict will significantly expand the understanding of leadership behaviours and results in the coming decades. My approach has been further inspired by the works of poet David Whyte; philosopher and mystic John D’Donohue; leadership expert Lance Secretan; teacher and activist Parker J. Palmer and many others.

 I strive to write regularly and explore the edge of my own learning through my blog at