In My Clients’ Words

One session with Aileen Gibb has completely changed my life and the way I will approach my business going forward. Our thought provoking conversation identified key areas that have unconsciously been holding me back from realizing the true success I am entitled to. I told her that the session was freeing on so many levels and that I found my passion and commitment reignited in ways that I would not have imagined. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life and will no doubt change my  business and how I work on it forever. She truly is a master at what she does!”  Steve Harper, Founder of The Ripple Effect, Software Entrepreneur.

I have experienced the power of coaching with Aileen since 2007 and know the value that working with her brings to me, my work and in turn my clients. What I experienced in her deep approach to coaching is nothing short of magical. Aileen guided me to a deeper exploration of longstanding patterns of behaviour and thought. I was stuck and unfocused all while being wildly busy, using loads of energy and getting nowhere. The very next day after my coaching session, I had several meetings where I declared clearly and powerfully my vision and what I am working towards. The results so far –  I have recruited 3 people to bring their talents to help make my vision a reality. Onwards and upwards! M. Purcell, Calgary. 

“After having many coaches, instructors and trainers over the last 25 years in sales, no one is quite like Aileen.  Aileen has an incredible ability to listen, play-back and coach me to lead my team to results. Aileen understands the words and statements that you think are the right ones and does an excellent role play that helps you understand the I and you versus the we. If you’re looking for a coach who will challenge you, support you and help you and your sales people sell more and become more efficient, call Aileen now.” Stuart Weinman, VP Sales, RMG, Toronto/Calgary.

Aileen has a gift for asking questions and importantly, providing blanks in the conversation that allows you to truly think of answers. She often doesn’t settle on one possible answer but asks for more. This I realized this was coaching and it has been the biggest benefit from my work with Aileen. I started working with Aileen when I was promoted to a Senior VP role and learning from her how to ask questions and use a coaching style has lead to improved relationships and good dialogue with my team and colleagues. Even more importantly it has changed the way I interact with my wife and children in a very positive way. Oil and Gas VP, Calgary, 2014

“In our experience most consultants are a pain in the ass and a waste of money. Aileen has been invaluable and worth every penny and much more. Working with Aileen has helped us get to the root of expressing our needs as leaders and given us the tools to excel as leaders. It has also really helped us deepen our relationships and trust within our leadership team at a vital time in our company’s ambitious growth. Thank you Aileen. You are fantastic ” Cam Baty, Co-Owner. Rocky Mountain Soap Company.

When I heard we had a leadership course booked , I rolled my eyes and thought not another corporate leadership course, watch the video , get the binder , been there done that . Then I met Aileen and I am thankful that it was her that walked through the door. Not only was her style unlike any I had ever encountered in over 25 years in business , but I truly learnt more about myself as a leader than any other course have taken. I found a new depth to my listening & questioning skills, but also techniques on how to coach out the unsaid , which has proved very powerful. It is the first course I can honestly say I have been actively using skills learnt back into the workplace and it has been extremely rewarding to see the development and change in my team, enabling them to grow as leaders and allow me to focus on the higher level strategic part of my role. – Jane Doyle , Director of Retail, Rocky Mountain Soap Company”

My passion for the business was at times a hindrance to dealing with day to day challenges when I was newly promoted to a VP role. Aileen led me through the process of channeling that passion in a different form of leadership; one that fostered engagement and confidence. The win at all costs attitude can sometimes lead to dysfunction in team by not understanding all the dynamics of a situation. Aileen taught me to direct my winning attitude by engaging the team and letting the “experts” do their job. I would say that a key take away was learning to manage not only down, but up as well. I thank her for that and would recommend Aileen’s skills to any executive looking to take their leadership style to the next level.” – B. Nash, Director of Sales, Calgary

It is difficult to put Aileen’s talent into words. She listens in a way that I’ve never experienced before and knows just the right questions to help move you forward. Her coaching has made a massive difference in my life, helping me to see possibilities and make big decisions at very critical transition points in my life. She has inspired me to be a stronger, bolder leader and a softer, more connected mother – she has shown me what matters most to me and given me the voice to ask for what I need.” J. Dawson, Calgary, 2014

“Aileen’s wonderful rapport and insight guided me through some of the most stressful times in my 30 year working career. She gave me the tools to discover the real questions in my life and celebrated with me as I created the answers to those questions. It has given me direction towards where I need to be to be happy in my life, my family and my career.” SB, Calgary 2013

“My experiences with Aileen have been so valuable. Not only have I gained focus, self reflection, enhanced decision making and a sense of perspective, I have become a stronger, more effective and fulfilled leader. All of this is down to Aileen’s effective coaching style. Her insight, advice and direction help people to focus, understand and rapidly achieve their goals” CW, Aberdeen, Scotland

“Aileen is an outstanding listener. She sits back and lets the client do the work and find their answers. She asks the questions that hone in the learning and clarify the issues. Her coaching style provides space to find your most important answers and feel empowered by the process. It has been an inspiring, empowering and clarifying time working with you as my coach. Thank you so much for all your support” J.J. Calgary

“I had great results from my first Coaching Session with you and attracted three new client contracts. Thank you so much for this amazing coaching session. This is powerful stuff” L. Hatala.

“With coaching my life has totally flipped. My balance between work and home life is better than ever, I’m successful at what I do and, best of all, I enjoy what I do. I’d therefore like to acknowledge the change you have made to my day to day life and also the effect this has had on the family, friends and work colleagues I interact with” AS, Aberdeen, Scotland

“My further experiences with coaches has convinced me even more firmly that you are exceptionally gifted as a coach. The other coaches I’ve met can’t hold a candle to you” K. T, Houston

“You ask the questions that I need to ask myself and that I have trouble answering in my head. You give me a chance to try out answers, to get out of my head and come into my power. You bring space for me to gain clarity and focus and for me to talk my way through how it will work for me” M.P., Calgary

“Difficulties are opportunities to better things; they are stepping stones to greater experience” – Thank you, Aileen, for being my stepping stone. What a difference you have made to my life on both a personal and a career level. There are not enough words to say thank you.” A.F., Calgary.

“I came into this quite sceptical, and have exited the process as a believer. I am convinced that Aileen is a star in her field and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. I found myself in a very challenging senior level business relationship and Aileen assisted me in finding the right words to use and to believe them. At the end of the process, I had all the tools I needed to move forward in my role as a CEO. My original challenges have been overcome and remain very manageable and it had a lot to do with Aileen’s approach. She helped me find the strength to walk right up to the edge and stare into the precipice. At the point where I was fully committed to jumping… it turns out I no longer had to. What a rush!” CEO, Oil and Gas, Calgary