Course Title: A Deeper Dive into Life and Leadership: Unlocking Exponential Performance in Individuals, Teams and Organisations through Conversation Mastery

Course Code DDLL3-102019

7, 8th, 9th October 2018, Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta 

Ideal Group size: 9 – 12 participants – FULL 

(check out alternative dates here) 

Cost $3,400 per participant

(exclusive of accommodation, meals, wellness activity, venue costs, printing of materials, books and resources)

 This three day learning experience is derived from and based on our renowned five day open leadership retreat and is delivered for a group of leaders from the same organisation. This three day program has been run for teams in organisations such as BP, Schlumberger and in emerging entrepreneurial start-ups. In this practical learning intensive we bring out the many leadership voices in your team and inspire provocative, transformative and edge-breaking conversations as a way to achieve Exponential Performance, Results and Inspiration at the individual, team and organisational level. Research shows that next generation leaders seek meaningful work which makes a contribution to society and look for companies with values-based cultures built around purpose and making a difference as their employers of choice. This shift calls on existing leaders to approach leadership in new ways and to shift their conversations from tell to engage and inspire.

The overall objective of this learning program is to shift the conversation of leadership from an outside-in to an inside-out approach with the ultimate goal of everyone contributing because of their own inspired sense of purpose and value.


Connecting and Self-Awareness as the Key to Leadership


Tuesday 9 October

8am to 1.00pm



Coming Present

Setting Personal Learning Goals and Barriers to Learning

Self as Leader

Unlocking creative thinking  and new  perspectives

Listening inside

Starting with Values

Participants will:

  • leave day to day distractions behind – face their own fears of ‘letting go’ and trusting others – adopt future-focussed perspective and possibilities thinking – gain awareness it starts with self and with self reflection – recognise their own barriers to learning – move beyond their limiting edges and will connect personal and organisational values
The Conversation Shift


Tuesday 9 October

2pm to 6pm

4 hours




GROoW Conversation Framework and Practice

The ‘I need” conversation

The expanding possibilities conversation

The Shift from telling/controlling to engaging/inspiring

Participants will:

  • discover and practice a new approach to conversations – recognise and use the power of the I NEED conversation – leave with a future-focussed, possibilities mindset and tools to engage team members in same mindset – feel practised in these new conversations and identify when/where/how they will put them to use in your organisation.
 Evening practice


Tuesday  9 October


 1 hour


Experiment to test new conversation tools with colleagues.

Ask colleagues to complete Listening Questionnaire on how they experience you

Participants will:

  • recognise the integration of whole person leadership – identify distinction between how they see themselves and how others may see them -receive and reflect on feedback – identify areas for further self-learning specifically around listening and future-focussed conversation.
Conversations in Context (1) Wednesday 10 Oct 8am to 12 noon – 4 hoursCoaching for PotentialParticipants will:

– learn how to listen for/identify and inspire untapped and /or challenging potential in selves and in others –  discover how to channel the energy of potential in useful and creative ways – learn how to respond when potential is non-evident

The Well-Being of Leadership Wednesday 10 Oct 12 to 3pm – 3 hours An outdoors activity to emphasise the importance of self-care and well-being as an antidote to stress and as a channel to creativity and innovation – embodies leadership.
Conversations in Context (2)

Wednesday 10 Oct 3pm to 7.00pm – 4 hours

Feedback/Performance Conversations – a new approachParticipants will:

– Learn an open-conversation approach to giving and receiving feedback and expanding perspectives – create engaged ‘feedback’ relationships – become active role-models for how to ask for and respond to ‘feedback’ and learning

Conversations in Context (3) Thursday 11 Oct 8am to 12 noon 4hours Setting Compelling Direction

Engaging Standards

Playing within the Field

Participants will: understand Compelling Direction – Learn how to engage people in Compelling Direction – how to make it compelling for them – Know what to do when someone isn’t engaged in the direction –  leave with clear understanding of the field and how to inspire people to play in it.
Moving Forward with  Purpose, Performance and ProsperityClosing and Commitments to Practice Thursday 11 Oct 1pm to 6pm  – 5hours Commitments to: Purpose, Prosperity and Exponential Performance

New Visions for Personal, Team and Organisational Success

Learning Review and Actions

Participants will: Identify the key parameters for exponential performance commitment -leave with one team voice –  directly link their personal contribution to company purpose and performance – leave as role-models to others – identify and shift any underlying blockages or limiting beliefs around living fully toward exponential performance – leave with a conversation to take into the organisation and build on what already exists – leave identify personal actions and learning points
Putting it Into Practice

Friday 12 October back in participants own organisations

Challenge is to create a project back in your real role today where you apply your learning from this weekParticipants immediately put learning into practice and record impact, success, challenges and experiments in real time on a forum for shared learning which is set up at end of the program  – participation and sharing learning on this platform will in itself be an indication of leadership shifts – Shared learning platform will include a requirement for leaders to make connection from application of their learning to business performance and results


We believe that, even in these days of super-technology, there is nothing as powerful as a group of like-minded, keen-spirited people getting together face to face and engaging in real conversation to move your organisation to success.