I can’t say this any better….


Corporations have hired me to come in and train their managers on how to coach their people. They understand that coaching is different than managing.

      Have you ever been managed by someone? 

      Managing is most often an attempt to control other people, while coaching’s intention is to empower other people.

      Coaching empowers you. It finds and develops the power in you. When you are finished with your coaching session you have more power than you had before. Whereas, when you are finished being managed you have no more power, you’ve just been controlled.

      When managers learn to coach instead of control, they bring out the best in their people. I (Steve Chandler) wrote a book with Duane Black (The Hands-Off Manager) on how much more productive and innovative organizations are when the old management style of military bossing is replaced with coaching.

      Which brings up the question of whether coaching is soft. Many people just assume “life coaching” is a soft, new-agey, California woo-woo fad that will fade from the scene. It’s not and it won’t. Because coaching is proven to immediately boost productivity, it won’t go away, and neither is it soft.

      In fact, a good coach is going to move you quickly into higher levels of responsibility and accountability. While a manager just kind of intimidates you and bosses you around.

Borrowed with integrity and full acknowledgement from www.stevechandler.com

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Aileen Gibb
My work has taken me around the globe and to conversations with people from many different nationalities, cultures and organisations. Wherever I've gone, the power of real conversation, founded on intentional listening and enlightened questioning, has been welcomed. It’s a core piece of our humanity to create the space for conversations that matter and to build connection and meaning with members of our family, our business and our communities.