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Why you won’t find my book on Kindle

“I was hoping for a digital version” moans my thirty-year old niece. “I’ll wait for the kindle version” decides a fifty-something client. “When will there be an e-book version?” asks a colleague. The allure of online access and digital marketing is tempting. Part of me thinks that I should have an e-version. Won’t I be missing out on sales without one? And yet I’m resisting. As its author, I may have no control over how my book is received, and yet I have a clear vision of how I’d like it to do its work in the world. As I
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Are there any questions – Silence!

Bob Tiede of kindly asked me to contribute some guest articles to his brilliant blog/website, following the publication of my book Asking Great Questions (now available at The first of my articles is published on his site this week and Bob did such a brilliant job of the photo and presentation. GUEST POST BY AILEEN GIBB, MMC (IAC), AUTHOR, “Are there any questions?” Silence. Awkward fidgeting. Heads down to avoid eye contact. If you’ve ever attended a meeting in any sizeable organization — from large town-hall type gatherings to small team talks or even one-on-one performance reviews, you are
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