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I can’t say this any better….

STOP MICROMANAGING ME : Corporations have hired me to come in and train their managers on how to coach their people. They understand that coaching is different than managing.       Have you ever been managed by someone?        Managing is most often an attempt to control other people, while coaching’s intention is to empower other people.       Coaching empowers you. It finds and develops the power in you. When you are finished with your coaching session you have more power than you had before. Whereas, when you are finished being managed you have no more power, you’ve just been controlled.       When
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See and Hear Yourself

  “I’m trying to shut off the video, Aileen, so that I don’t have to look at myself” We were starting a coaching conversation via skype – you know how you see yourself in the small box on screen as well as the person you are skyping with? My client was trying to close it so she didn’t have to look at herself. Hmm…..I said “Isn’t that the whole idea though. We’re coaching so you can take a look at yourself and at your life?” We both laughed and my client relaxed into our conversation and to seeing herself on
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One True and Trusted Conversation at a Time

One True and Trusted Conversation at a Time was the message I chose for my recent TEDx talk in Canmore, Alberta (my home town). Little did I realize when I set out to do this talk that the message was to be a powerful learning for me personally. I’m not a speaker as such. Apart from my appearances on behalf of the IAC at the annual WBECS online conference for the past four years, I haven’t taken the stage as a keynote (or any other kind) of speaker. I have however, facilitated leadership groups and teams for many years. The largest
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